School Starts Tomorrow!


Good evening, Didion families!

We are so excited for tomorrow! Our teachers and staff have been working extremely hard to be prepared to welcome all of our students back for the 2023-2024 school year!  School starts tomorrow at 8:00am with Blacktop Announcements. After entering the campus, students should line up on the line that corresponds with their classroom room number. Middle school students will line up on the basketball court in front of the play structure. Here are some additional last minute reminders:

·         Our first day of school – tomorrow, Thursday, August 31st — is an early release day. View the bell schedule on our website for dismissal times.

·         We will be having a special welcome for all of our students through the main gate tomorrow, starting at 7:45. Parents are welcome to walk onto campus with their children, but please avoid crowding near the main entrance. Students or families who are sensitive to loud music and noise, or activity, may want to enter campus through one of our other gates.

·         Each morning, K-6 students will be lining up for their classes. We ask that parents do not enter the hallways for safety purposes.  

·         For dismissal, TK and Kinder students will be escorted through the main gate by their teachers to their waiting parents or guardians. 1st and 2nd grade students will be escorted to the blacktop by their teachers. 3rd-8th grade students will be dismissed from their classes by their teachers to exit through whichever gate you pre-arrange with them. We ask that parents do not enter the hallways after school for safety purposes, unless they have an appointment and have checked in at the main office.  

·         Morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up are very busy times around Didion. Please drive very carefully and slowly, and be on the lookout for walkers. Instruct your children to always walk to the nearest crosswalk to cross the street. Please do not park in front of our neighbors’ driveways, and please do not drive into staff parking lots before or after school. All of Harmon Drive directly in front of school is a loading zone, and cars should not be parked and left unattended there. Thank you all for being safe and showing patience as our entire community gets back into the school routine. 

·         Tomorrow, our PTA is hosting a ‘First Day Coffee and Donuts” gathering for parents. After Blacktop Announcements, I will invite all parents who are present to move to our new shade structure area to enjoy complimentary coffee and donuts and to meet the PTA and principal. 

·         Friday, September 1st is our first Spirit Day! We invite all students to wear Didion gear and/or Didion colors (red, white, and blue). I encourage the wearing of tutus, suspenders, and headbands!!

·         Please keep in mind that at Didion our focus at the start of the school year is on teaching routines and procedures, and on community-building. This is a critical step to making sure that students feel safe and supported so that they may be best equipped to jump into rigorous content. And we will be committed to continuing to build community and nourish our students’ social and emotional well-being to create a learning environment where all of our learners — students and adults alike — can thrive.

·         Lastly, please visit the Didion website calendar to access our most up-to-date calendar, which will be updated regularly. You can also visit the PTA website to access the PTA Calendar of Events 

Thank you and have a great night! See you tomorrow!