Classroom Observations and Visitation

Classroom Observation and Visitation Policy


The staff of Genevieve Didion welcomes visitors to observe our classrooms and school activities. It is important however that school visits do not interrupt the educational process. Therefore we ask that all visitors observe the following guidelines:

All visitors must call the front office at least 48 hours in advance of an anticipated visit in order to make an appointment. The school reserves the right to limit the number of visitors to a particular classroom at any one time.

Visitors are asked not to bring children to visitations. Other than special principal-approved visits (e.g. for new in-coming students), only parents may observe classes.

All visitors are required to sign in at the front office and obtain a visitor’s badge prior to going on to the classrooms.

Visitors are asked not to interact with the teacher, students, or materials, or cause any distraction to instruction while observing.

Observations will be limited to 30 minutes, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Visitations to a future grade level are limited to one classroom.

Parents are reminded that Didion does not accept requests for a particular teacher except under special circumstances.