What is the Didion Site Council?

The Didion School Site Council is a decision-making body primarily charged with developing and implementing the School/Library Improvement Plan (SLIP). This includes both long-term and short-term planning. Throughout the year, this plan is monitored by the Council.  As goals are met, or changes arise, the plan can be updated.

The Site Council consists of approximately 10 members.  The Sacramento City School District requires that half the Council members be parents (and/or members of the community); and half be members of the school staff, with the majority of this group being classroom teachers.

Staff members are selected by staff, while parents elect the parent and community members of the council.  Those interested in joining the Site Council can submit their names to the principal for consideration if there is an opening, and then can be considered for a vote for the Council.

Officers include President (typically, a parent), Vice President (typically, the principal) and a Secretary.  The Officers are selected by the Site Council at its year-end meeting.  Officers are elected for a calendar year.

Meetings are held approximately every other month during the school year.  Meetings are held in September, December, February, April, and June, though they can be rescheduled.  Meetings last about an hour, and are usually scheduled on Thursday afternoon at 3:00 to 4:00.  The Council decides on the meeting dates.  Sometimes, the Council will hold special meeting to approve special spending, or to amend the School Improvement Plan.

For a complete overview of Site Council Responsibilities and funding sources, please click here.