Safety Incident


Dear Didion Families

School safety is important, and I am calling to inform you of an incident that happened at school today. This afternoon, students came forward to staff to inform us that they were shown a pocket knife by a fellow student. The knife was not brandished in a threatening manner, and evidently was shown off to friends, but weapons cannot be brought to campus under any circumstance. The student who made this bad decision to bring a knife will be referred for appropriate disciplinary action.

We thank the students who came forward to inform us of this potentially dangerous situation. This incident is a reminder how important it is for students who “see something, to say something.” School safety can depend on this lesson and we encourage you to have this important conversation at home with your student as well. Please reinforce with your student as well that weapons never belong at school, even if there is not ill intent.

If your student is experiencing any fear, trauma or other difficulty related to today’s events, please reach out and we can connect them to our Student Support Center to get them access to critical mental health support. 

Please reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your continued support  and for working with me to make the safety of students and staff our top priority.


Mr. Eder