One Book One School

This month we are trying some new and exciting at Didion! Our entire Didion family –  teachers, staff and students in every grade – will be sharing the experience of a truly beautiful book, Wishtree by Katherine Applegate. Wishtree is the story of a 200-year-old oak tree named Red. Every year on May 1st the whole town visits Red and makes a wish for the year. They write their wish on a piece of paper, scrap of cloth (or even an old gym sock once!) and tie their wish to Red’s branches. Red has always quietly observed their dreams and hopes for something better and never intervened in the lives of the wish-makers, until now. Samar is a child who has moved to the neighborhood and not everyone has been welcoming. Desperate and lonely, Samar wishes for a friend and Red decides that after 200 hundred years of quiet, she’s going to try to make this wish come true…  


Every class will spend the next few weeks reading and discussing the book while participating in Wishtree related activities in the library. We’ll be talking about empathy, kindness and acceptance, creating a beautiful whole-school work of art and telling some tree jokes (How many oranges grow on trees? All of them!)  We will celebrate our shared experience the last week of school in December by transforming the trees lining the hallways into our very own wish trees, decorating them with our hopes for our family, community and world. Families are encouraged to talk about the book at home, or even read it along with us! A few copies are available for parent check-out from the school library and it’s available from the Sacramento Public Library as well. This website has more information about the book, the author, a book trailer and some activities you can do at home. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Rechs in the library or at Happy reading!!