Nugget Scrip Card

Use the new Nugget Scrip Cards for your Nugget purchases and HSPS receives up to 4% of your monthly grocery bill. Pick up your scrip card in the school office. Families will need to activate their own Nugget Scrip card online.  Nugget scrip no longer requires families to preload their scrip cards prior to purchases. Multiple cards can be registered under one family name so that cumulative monthly purchases from extended family and friends will earn a greater percentage for our school.

How do I activate my Nugget scrip card?

  • Click here to get started
  • Sign up for your Nugget account (login info)
  • Type in your Nugget scrip card number (s)
  • Follow the prompts to search and select Didion K-8 as the designated school

​Get started today and start earning 1-4% for Didion today!