Meet Didion’s 2016-17 Basketball Coaches

Boys Coach: Lauren Oto

Hello, my name is Lauren Oto and I will be your 2016-2017 Didion Boys Basketball Coach!  Entering my 6th year coaching at Didion I am very excited for this upcoming season. A Didion Alum myself, I am very honored to be able to coach for my home school! 

Growing up in the Greenhaven/Pocket neighborhood I have played basketball since I was 5 years old. Coaching has given me a deeper appreciation for the game.  I truly enjoy all aspects of the game from teaching fundamentals, competition, and to building life-long relationships as teammates in the game and in life. Being surrounded by basketball for many years, I’ve developed a passion for helping players acquire the knowledge they will need to compete and more importantly to mature in life. My philosophy for coaching the team is to better them as players and people on and off the court.   

I hope for a very successful season this year and I hope each of your players can take away the same amount of knowledge I will from them.  

Girls Coach: Dilan Nakatomi

Hi everyone! My name is Dilan, and I will be coaching the Didion Girls Basketball Team this year! I’m really excited to get things started, and meet all of you. Just so you know a little bit about me, here’s a quick run-down of who I am.

I’m 22-years-old. I was born and raised in Sacramento, and I graduated from John F. Kennedy in 2012. For college, I attended UCLA and just recently graduated with a major in psychobiology and a minor in developmental psychology. Right now, I’m taking a gap year before I begin medical school. I’m currently interviewing to see where I get in.

As far as basketball goes, I’ve had experience playing my whole life. I played in high school at JFK, and on the Club team at UCLA. I have a deep passion for the game, and I am really excited for the opportunity to share it with others. I have coached SASF youth summer league basketball before, so I have some coaching experience to fall back on.

Of course, I still have a lot of room to grow as a coach, but I’m confident in my ability to learn and adapt. I’m ready for the challenge.

I take my job as a basketball coach very seriously and I want to win, but I also believe that the success of the season is measured by more than just our win-loss record. I believe in the bigger picture. For the players, my ultimate goal is for them to grow with the sport both as people and basketball players. To do this, I plan to emphasize the fundamentals of basketball as well as the importance of things such as teamwork. I just want to give them the opportunity to develop a deep passion for the game that I love.

I think it’s going to be a really awesome year! Together, I know we can make this a positive and fun experience for everyone.