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Yearly dues are only $10 per parent/guardian.

Why wait – Join today and become part of our growing team of parents.  From field trips and tech support to teacher training and school supplies, Didion PTA makes a difference in your child’s education every day! And we now accept credit cards making it even easier to join! Fill out an amount and hit donate below to go PayPal to submit your payment online.

Additional donations are always welcome! If you would like to donate an additional amount simply include that amount and indicate how many memberships you’d like. (For example I’d like one membership and want to donate $20, so I’ll type in $30 and note I want one membership)

All additional gift donations will receive a receipt including our Non-Profit Tax ID #.

And please feel free to fill out the Didion PTA Volunteer Survey.  This tool helps us match our parents with open volunteer positions that are available throughout the year.  The survey can be found here.

Thank you for taking the first step in helping our community thrive.

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