High School Honors Application Process for 8th graders
Application Dates Just Around the Corner

SCUSD offers high-achieving students a choice of four criteria-based high school options for a rigorous, challenging education that meets University of California requirements. Please note that these program require an separate application to apply. The online application is available from December 1-January 24 and can be found here.

C.K. McClatchy High School’s Humanities and International Studies Program (HISP)

Humanities and International Studies Program (HISP) at C.K. McClatchy High School was founded in 1985. It is a rigorous honors program designed to give students a global perspective on learning and prepare them for success at any college or university in the country and around the world. Over the course of four years, students are immersed in college-level literary works and ideas. HISP students are not merely taught information—they are taught to think. The skills of critical thinking coupled with effective and concise writing prepare HISP students well for the rigors of college course work. Added enrichment activities such as field trips and guest speakers truly distinguish HISP as a first-class high school academic program. Whether it is a trip to San Francisco to watch a performance of a Shakespearean classic or a visit to the Delta town of Locke to examine the historic plight of immigrants in our country, HISP strives to link the relevance of literature, history, and culture to the lives of HISP students today.

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John F. Kennedy High School’s Program in America and California Explorations (PACE)

Program in America and California Explorations (PACE) at John F. Kennedy High School is a University of California recognized honors program that offers students a four-year advanced academic program with an emphasis in English and History, including many Advanced Placement courses. PACE students have an advantage before they even begin their freshman year: PACE hosts a summer school program located at Sacramento State where students take two writing classes (Artistic and Academic Voice), a literature class and the district-required Geography and Contemporary Global Issues course. While many parents and students struggle with the choice between a small school that offers a more individualized and personal experience and a comprehensive high school that offers academic and extra-curricular variety, PACE students get the best of both worlds: PACE classes are grouped together in one part of the campus so that students benefit from a safe, close-knit environment, yet they also have access to competitive sports, fine arts, music and other programs that Kennedy High offers.

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West Campus High School

West Campus High School is a college preparatory school serving approximately 870 academically motivated students who reside in the culturally and economically diverse neighborhoods of Sacramento.
West Campus is a school of distinct difference. The convergence and synergy of excellent and gifted students, enthusiastic faculty, and caring and supportive parents have created and sustained a unique community of learners, a place where excellence is expected and attained. There is a marked respect for the educational environment where students are free to interact and collaborate in both social and academic settings throughout their high school experience. West Campus students have enjoyed great academic success over the past few years. Currently, the school’s Academic Performance Index numbers — based on California Standards Tests (CSTs) and the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) – are the highest in the four-county region and 26th in the state. West Campus sophomores have repeatedly achieved the highest passing rate on the CST Language Arts tests and on the CAHSEE in the surrounding area.

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Rosemont High School’s Leadership and Enrichment through Academic Development (LEAD)

Leadership and Enrichment through Academic Development (LEAD) is an advanced program that prepares Rosemont High School graduates to be successful post-secondary students and competitive workers in an evolving global economy. Those in the program will develop their capacity for analysis, creativity, innovation, and university-level literacy through four years of an Honors and Advanced Placement curriculum. Students will use their critical thinking skills to identify and solve problems in their community and with the careful direction and encouragement of teachers, complete culminating service projects each year. It is the expectation of the program that graduates of the LEAD academy will gain acceptance to a university of their choice, fully prepared to tackle the rigors of college coursework.

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