Below please find the league rules and bylaws for play.

  • Please show up at least 20 minutes before match time (We are given preferred tee times for matches – please understand that we are trying to have an organized golf league).
  • The number per golfers on a team is up to the discretion of each coach.
  • 6 players can only play in a match – please do not bring extra players to practice on the days of matches. We have a select number of tee times for each match.
  • The 5 lowest scores from each team will be totaled and compared – the school with the lowest total wins the match.

Eligibility Rules

In order to participate in the SCUSD league, the player must be enrolled at that school he/she is playing for. No player or players from one middle school, private or elementary school shall be allowed to participate for another middle school.


  • Double Par + 1(maximum score on each hole) Par 3 = 7; Par 4 = 9; Par 5 = 11
  • During the match all putting strokes will be counted (No “Gimmies”) unless double par is reached.
  • Mark your ball with a sharpie signifying that is your ball, e.g.: dots, initials etc.
  • Review with players once they are on the green regarding “marking the ball, stepping on someone’s line, who tends the flag, fixing divots, and furthest putts first”.
  • The ball will be played down (may not be moved), unless the players are notified      differently.
  • Please review procedure and scoring on lost balls, hazards, unplayable lies, white stakes, red stakes, etc.
  • Each player will keep an opponent’s score and their own score.

Pace of Play

Please review Pace of Play with your players (“ready play” as much as possible) that means the players go to their ball and be ready to hit (“scatter” to your ball after tee shot). They should be 1 shot behind the group in front of them.

Conduct Rules

  • Any misconduct can result in immediate disqualification. Examples of misconduct: moving the ball to improve their lie, cheating, throwing clubs, obscene or vulgar language, defacing or destroying club property.
  • Please dress accordingly
  • Coaches may give advice to players during a match
  • Please review golf etiquette rules with your players & parents, these are some:
    • Talking during a swing or putt
    • Walking on the “line”
    • Mark your ball on the green as soon as you can
    • Not standing directly in “line of sight” front or back of a player putting or hitting

Rules for Parents

  • Do not walk within 25 yards of any players
  • Stay off fairways and greens
  • Do not give advice during matches; only coaches
  • Do not carry any player’s bag during matches or practices

Please feel free to download the league schedule for play times and location. For more information on the league or questions concerning eligibility or rules, please contact Mike Carras.