Bullying Info

Anti-Bulling and Harassment 

(BP 5145.4) from the Annual Parent and Student Rights Notification and Standards of Behavior Handbook

Students are assured that they need not endure bullying behavior or harassment that impairs the learning environment, interferes with a student’s ability to benefit from their education or has a detrimental effect to a student’s emotional well-being. Schools will work toward providing an orderly, caring and non-discriminatory learning environment and students need not endure bullying behavior whether it takes place on or off school property, electronically, at any school-sponsored function or in a school vehicle. 

All school employees, students, parents and others are required to report bullying behavior to the principal who will determine if the act meets the anti-bullying policy and who may apply consequences. Retaliation towards students or others who report bullying or harassment is prohibited. Additionally, reports of bullying behavior or harassment can be made anonymously through the district’s bullying prevention hotline at 1-855-86-Bully or 1-855-862-8559.

1-855-862-8559 Bully Prevention Hotline