Become a Class Liason
A Great Way to Get Involved

Parents support the life of a classroom and broader school community in many ways and provide the practical and emotional support that lead to a vibrant and open community.  The class liaison serves as a bridge, facilitating the connection of families in the class to the teacher and to the school at large by ensuring lines of communication are open between parents, teachers and the school administration.   And remember – you do not have to do everything yourself.  Asking other class parents to help out on school projects, teacher assignments or jobs is part of what being a class liaison is all about.

A class liaison does many things including:

  • Supports ideas and activities that contribute to healthy connections among the parents, teacher, and school.
  • Understands how the school operates and where to direct parents when they have specific issues or concerns.
  • Maintains confidentiality and appropriate decorum in all communications.
  • Develops and maintains effective connections with parents in the class.
  • Develop an understanding of the needs of the parents and relays these needs to the PTA or school administration when applicable.

To fulfill these responsibilities, we ask that a class liaison assist with the following:

  • Introduce new families to the broader school community and answer any questions they may have on school policies, special events, etc.
  • Develop and maintain connections with parents in their classroom by being available and visible, when possible, during times when parents are at the school such as drop-off/pick-up times, school meetings or special events.
  • Work with the teachers to sign up volunteers to help when needed on a number of tasks such as photocopying or coordinating classroom parties and field trips.
  • Attend PTA meetings every-other month to discuss items suggested by classroom parents as well as serve as a point of contact with the classroom parents should the PTA need help identifying volunteers for upcoming events.

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As always, we appreciate the generous gift of your time to help make our community not just survive…but thrive!