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Tech Update: Typing Resources
Setting our students up for success in new online testing environment

As education moves towards online testing (full implementation of the new Common Core State Standards and online testing for SCUSD begins in the 2014-15 school year) it is imperative that students be comfortable with technology including basic keyboarding skills, the ability to screen scroll, highlight relevant text and summarize answers by typing out short essays.

To ensure our students are equipped with the tools necessary to succeed with this new shift to online testing, we have put together a list of typing resources and have broken out the various resources by grade level to make it easier for you to choose the right tool for the right age. An hour and a half each week broken out in 15 minute increments will ensure your child is comfortable with basic keyboarding concepts and will have some added benefits including improving visual motor integration as well as fostering skill development in writing, spelling and grammar. Sites include:

Lower Grades (2-3)

Upper Grades (4-6)

Typing Games by Grade